66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Radio & Speaker

Posted by Don R. Dodson on 01/24/06

If you remove the station selector knob, and look to see if there is a small screw under the knob, then you may be able to tune the radio for the antenna length. The screw in question is a tuning adjustment that matches the RF (Radio Frequency) of the tuning section to the antenna length. It is all a tuned circuit, so once you get the best reception by adjusting the small screw, leave the antenna alone and see if that helps in your reception. If you don't find the adjustment screw, put everything back together like you found it. Hopefully you will get everything back like it was, and nothing foul has occurred. Better if you select a station that you are having a problem with the reception of course.

Posted by John Paseman on 12/13/05

The 66 Charger AM radio is unique to the Charger (EL Lighting) and a one year only radio. In 67 the AM radio is shared with other B-bodies (Bulb Lighting). AM/FM was a dealer installed option (Bulb Lighting) and also shared by all B-bodies.

I'm sure there are a couple of 67's that came with EL lighting, but most are bulb.

BTW - the knob spacing on the chargers is the same as the later model A-body knob radios. You can still find those am/fm -body knob radios at a reasonable price and they can be bolted in with a simple lens swap from the original Charger (or any 66/67 B-body) AM radio.

Posted by Don R. Dodson on 07/24/03

If it was an EL lighted AM/FM it was for a 66 model. The 67 AM/FM used light blubs and it was a dealer installed option. The large knob under the volume selects AM or FM and the large knob under the station selector selects the high/low tone. It has push button station selector, and has two light blubs behind the station selector indicators. However it ain't stereo. Only way to get stereo back then on our cars was to install a 8 track tape player, and go with speakers in the rear of the car and under the dash. Some people put speakers in the door panels and messed up the door panels.

Dash Speaker Replacement

Posted by Greg Rose on 03/25/10

(for a dash speaker replacement) Go to this site. Will fit perfectly - little pricey but does a great job!


Posted by: Paul Quintin on 03/25/10

I am using a Pioneer TS-A4103 4x10 speaker. It fit without any issues. It's very close to the radio case, but other than that, it works great.

Posted by Ken Scobel on 01/14/04

Maximum magnet diameter is 3 1/8 inches. Any larger and it will hit the glove box hinge support. It would be possible to trim the support slightly but you could not gain that much. Maximum depth of the speaker from the top face to the bottom of the magnet is 2 5/8 inches. Any more than that and the glove box door will not close.

Posted by: Gordon Albrecht on 05/18/04

Radio repairs: JC Auto (425) 672-8324 Jeff Carter

Posted by: Terry Hoover on 11/05/05

There (is) a single support rod bolted to the back of the radio. You need to remove that. There are also two thin nuts on the radio knob shafts (one on each shaft) after you remove the knobs. It’s a bit of a wiggle and wobble but you can get the radio out the back without removing the IP.