66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide



Submitted by: Bob Christiano on 07/15/04

Upper rd hose with a/c is 1881805.
In centre without a/c is 1881813
On theside is 2863230
Lower is 2084593.

Those are original Chrysler #'s for what it's worth. NAPA has both.


Submitted by: David on 06/02/03

The rad was leaking from a couple of spots and the upper tank had been repaired too many times. This was an interesting search for a replacement that turned out to be a simple visit to a local rad shop for a re-core and fix up.

Q & A

Submitted by: Jon on 06/02/03
I was wondering if I have the original radiator. Does anyone have the same numbers? It is a 26" I believe but I do have a 69 motor so I was just wondering if I have the original rad or maybe the one that matches my motor.

Aarin: The 2785962 rad is a 26" unit and is correct for a 1967 B-body small block with A/C