66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Power Steering Pump

Posted by Kevin Mignosa on 08/26/06

The pump on the poly 318 is a Saginaw.

NAPA part #'s

p/s pump w/o reservoir is NSP20140,

p/s pump w reservoir NSP206159 but it may come with a new style can,

p/s pump seal kit 7127 - the seal kit comes with a shaft bushing

Posted by Allen Ward on 09/01/05

Rock Auto Part number 20-6129 (206129) A1 Cardone Power steering pump is correct for (a '66).

The pulley is 5 1/16th outside diameter with the plain end shaft (flat with a small divot in the middle) and the pulley is pressed on the shaft. It has the correct 5/8 return sticking up from the top/back.

Posted by Chris Herndon on 08/29/05

If you are looking for the Federal pump with the larger diameter return line that comes out kind of on top of the reservoir than the following part numbers should be good:

NAPA: NSP206074
CARDONE: 206129

The pumps were each about $45, but had hefty core charges like $80 or something like that

If you are looking for the pump that has the smaller return line and comes out below the pressure side then the part numbers are as follows:

NAPA: NSP206114
CARDONE: 206114

And if your reservoir is good, the pump is interchangeable and its part number is:

NAPA: 20121

I settled on the smaller diameter return pump because that was the first one that came in and turns out made a cleaner installation because the return hose ends up under the battery tray instead oof pointing up and routing around to the steering box. I used ½ inch return hose and just clamped it real tight on the pump end. Worked out great.