66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Body Panels

Posted in Craigslist on 3/12/09  Reply to: [email protected]

1966 1967 CHARGER 1/4 PATCH PANELS - $150 (RUST BELT)

1966 1967 Dodge charger lower 1/4 panel patch panels. Just got a hemi car in my shop to find out no one on earth is making a decent quality panel for this car. Theres a few cheesy ones out there but they don't have the door jam or wheel well lips. So I made some, my panels are hand formed over a stationary buck. Quality is great and fit is great also. Made from real AMERICAN 18 gauge steel, no cheesy imported 20 gauge soup cans here!! Front panels go from behind door to the wheel well with both wheel well and door jam lips up to body line about 11 inches. Rears go behind rear wheel to the rear bumper with wheel well lip up to body line about 6-7 inches. ALL panels are made with AMERICAN STEEL in AMERICA by a AMERICAN who takes pride in your ride. Have fronts or rears, rights or lefts. Or get a complete set of 4. Call for more info, Bryan at 218-372-3835 or e-mail me. YOU'LL SWEAR YOU COULD POUND NAILS WITH THESE PANELS, NO WIMPY WIGGLY PANELS HERE!!