66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Welcome to our passion! These pages serve as a "source guide" for the '66-'67 Dodge Charger.
What you find here is a collection of personal experience from owners.

For example:
"If you were looking for a cheap car to restore, you picked the wrong one.   Actually, Mopars in general are more expensive to restore than Ford or GM and the First Gen Charger has a couple of systems with systemic problems like the headlights and gauges that were not only unique to these vehicles, but also prone to failure.   These parts aren't cheap to repair/restore either, but at least a few of our members have figured them out and can do it for much less than a lot of us paid years back.   They also do very good work.       
Eric (6670charger) on 66-67Charger.com forum

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