66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Q & A

Front Fender

Each motor size had it's own fender-side insignia:

The 318 had "V-8"
The 361 had "V-8"
The 383 4 BARREL had "383" with "FOUR BARREL" under the numbers
The 383 2 Barrel had "V-8"
The Hemi had "426" with "HEMI" under the numbers
The 440 had "440" with "FOUR BARREL" under the numbers.
A number of respected members of the "Charger Community" will testify that they have seen original 440's with "MAGNUM" under the numbers.

The gold Chrysler "pentastar" was located on the passenger side only, 4.75 in. behind the wheel opening and 2.75 in. above the rocker panel (chrome strip).  Location may vary slightly - remember, it was the sixties!

Pictures of emblems borrowed from, and available for sale at  The Paddock

Front Grill

It has long been argued that only color of the medallion in the center of the grill is red.  Evidence continues to show that some medalions were gold.  Most owners think the gold is just a faded medalion that has lost it's red color, leaving the gold flec of the original paint behind.  Lately a couple of stubborn, yet well informed owners swear their medalion is gold, has been gold and always will be gold.

Restoration Source:

Hilltop Gardens and More
[email protected]
Usually found on EBay.

Trunk Lid

The medallion in the center is red.

Restoration and Reproductions Source:

Tom Brayman ([email protected]) at www.chargermedallions.com
and  Jeff Brookings make the plastic center pieces.

Recently another manufacturer has developed a new product including the center piece and the metal ring:

Michael C. Ross - Owner
B/E & A Restoration Parts, Inc.


"D O D G E" in capital letters, centered and double spaced across the front edge of the hood.

66 Part Numbers
'D' 2579781
'O' 2579782
'D' 2579785
'G' 2579783
'E' 2579784

67 Part Numbers
'D' 2582459 first  D
'O' 2582560
'D' 2582561 middle D
'G' 2582562
'E' 2582563

Recently (04/28/06) Jeff Anhalt was unable to find these parts at a Dodge dealer on a nationwide search.  The numbers may no longer be useful.

has  D O G and E on their website each with their own part number (untested at this time).

1966 letters: raised centers
The 2 "D's" have different curvature and locating pins.
1967 letters recessed centers.
Notice the painted recessed area on the letters.

Side "Sail" Panels

"Charger" script with the "arrow" emblem pointing towards the front of the car.
Available from Year One, (same as the '68 sail panel or grill) P/N VC124.   They have three pins on the back so the center one must be removed to fit our sail panels.

The Charger script is available new from Chrysler. P/N 2841886. List is $33.75 each.