66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Electronic Ignition

Installation advice

Putting an aftermarket electronic ignition on the Charger may be the best thing you can do if you intend to drive the car regularly. The following chart is a popularity poll of sorts showing guys in the club who have switched to an electronic ignition, the brand they chose and any comments they might have.




Pertronix Paul Quintin I put a Pertronix kit in my 66 318, and it works great. Six years later, and the car still fires up fine, even after sitting for a few weeks. I highly recommend them, and I believe you can get right to Pertronix own website and get it cheaper. Don't go through third parties if you don't have to.
Pertronix Topher Pertronix sells a system that will go in your stock distributor for that "stock" look. When you add electronic ignition you no longer need the resistor on the firewall, cause you need the full batt voltage to make it run as good as it can.
Mopar Electronic Bob Spelic I have used the Mallory dual point, the mopar electronic, and the MSD digital 6+. I would just go with the mopar electronic, it’s reliable, proven and designed for street use. The MSD unit is nice, but I’m not so sure of it’s longevity in street use. I race the MSD Digital 6+ and love it in that application. I trigger the MSD with a stock distributor with the electronic module (hall effect switch).
Mopar Electronic Ed Howell The main thing I like about the mopar setup is if you are on the road and have a problem you can go to any mom & pops auto parts store and get every part you need off the shelf to get you back on the road again. For street driving it is very reliable and don't have to worry about your exotic aftermarket breaking and not being able to find the part without a speciality store.
Pertronix John Paseman I've used the Pertronix and they work great. Completely under the distributor cap (replacing points) and you just need to run the extra wire to 12v (usually on the coil). Only the most anal of us would find it to be non-stock.
Pertronix Charger Andy Ditto on the Pertronix. Had it in my 383 ever since I 'finished' the car in May 2001. Went for a 420 mile constant road trip in 97 degree weather with no electrical breakdown or even a miss. I do recommend it. Really easy to install, and after reading here I'm going to have to look at how I have her hooked in. Still got my ballast resistor and don't know If I'm using that, or just 'showing' it. I might be doin' it wrong.
Toyota, then
Pertronix, then MSD
David Walker I actually had an igniter box from a Toyota when I first got Charlene on the road.

When we put in the new engine we installed a Pertronix (I). It caught fire when I left the key on one day.  I replaced the entire system with the MSD setup.