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Hemi Exhaust Q & A


Jeff: I've got a BAD exhaust leak on the drivers side. I just finished unbolting the manifold and now I'm trying to clean the head & manifold of gasket remnants. I have NO idea how I'm gonna get the bolts back in. In order to *hopefully* NOT do this again, I have a few questions...

1. Is it generally recommended to install a gasket?

2. Is any brand of gasket better than the rest? I have a set of Fel- Pro to install but would order something else if recommended.

3. They seem to be cardboard on one side and kind of finished on the other- Which side goes toward the head? I remember installing gaskets years ago that had a metallic *asbestos*? material. Are those any better?

4. Any gasket sealer?? If so, which side or both?

5. Anything on the bolts to stop 'em from leaking and/or backing out?


John Paseman: I used a file on my manifolds and got them dead flat before installing. As you know, the factory did nor use exhaust gaskets on the engines, so it is possible to get them on without any leaks.


Stuart Sharenow: Make sure the flange on the manifold is perfectly flat
Get off all the previous gasket stuff
Use a gasket (flat side toward the block)
Felpro is OK
No gasket sealer
Maybe "never seize" on the bolts
Torque the bolts according to hemi bulletin
BTW you may need to remove the steering box to make the install easier.