66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide



Illuminating Q&A

Submitted by: Don Dodson on 10/20/03

I have done a bit of research about these headlights and comparing them to the halogen lights. The halogen lights are H5001 for the high beam and they pull 3.91 amps or 50 watts of power compared to the lights that came in the car which are the 4001 lights with the 2 contact lugs that pulls 2.93 amps at 35 watts.

So the conclusion here is to use the 4001 lights instead of the halogen lights. The high beam lights is H5006 for the halogen and they pull 2.73 amps at 35 watts and the original lights are the 4002 lights and they pull 3.91 amps at 50 watts. These lights are the 3 prong lights.

So the conclusion here is to use the halogen lights for the high beam. The tail lights are the killer. Each tail light pulls 1.95 amps or 25 watts when you press the brake pedal and with the tail lights on each light pulls .5 amps, so stopped at the stop light with you foot on the brakes and headlights on low beam it looks like 20.5 amps are being consumed.

In my opinion the alternator should be able to handle everything if everything is working correctly. So I will be looking into replacing the regulator if things do not check out with my voltage measurements.

Incidently I got my current figures on the web site: www.donsbulbs.com and that dude is high with his bulb prices.