66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Emergency Flashers

Posted by Allen on 05/06/06:

The 4 way flashers were an option on the 66's. In New York, 4 ways were manditory for any new car sold. The switch (if you had them) would be just right of your windshield wiper switch next to the steering column. If the switch isn't there, and it's not under the dash on the left, you do not have them....

Posted by Don Dodson on 0/24/05

Posted by Bryan on 11/20/05

Below are my pictures of the wires attached correctly to the 66 flasher switch. Yes, it's an "add-on" kit like Allen said...it was dealer installed...no wiring diagrams are offered for this set-up in any of the Charger books for 66.

Looking at the flasher switch from the rear...the colors of wires go to the following terminals:
Upper right: Green wire
Upper left: tan wire
Lower left: Black wire
Lower right: White wire

The black wire coming from the flasher itself goes to a hot terminal on the back side of the fuse box...usually the same fuse as the brake lights are connected to...there is a spade terminal on the end of the black wire. The flasher isself is a "3 spade" style...very hard to find now...at least in my area...you could use a heavy duty 2 terminal flasher, but you will have to relocate one of the black wires in the flasher connector to match.

Pics are below....Hope this helps...