66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Engine Paint

Posted by Michael R. Werner

I used the Mopar Performance catalog Turquoise engine paint on my 440 in 1994. Still looks great. Everthing was sandblasted and solvent wiped. No primer. First coat really light and allowed to dry overnight. Then a couple more thin coats. Allowed to dry for a week before even touching the surface with my hands. The paint will only cure if nice and warm. I used the California sun with the engine on a stand in my driveway. An electric space heater with fan sittng on the top radiator support and left running on low for a day or two would probably work fine also.

Posted by Danny McMilln

Try OEM Ceramic Engine Paint available from Paddock. When you find it in the catalog, hold your breath--will cost you 37.00 per spray can to your door, but end results are well worth it. Just rebuilt a 440--had painted it twice with locally purchased "correct" paint--you wouldn't believe the difference in looks! Danny Mac.