66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Electronic Regulator

Posted by Dan McCormick

Year One has the electronic regulator that looks, mounts, and hooks up just like your original 2 wire regulator. I think their # is RX-346 if I remember right. I have them on my Charger and Belvedere and it's a big improvement. Somebody mentioned that you can get them from NAPA even cheaper but I don't know what number they're using. It's my understanding that it's actually a marine regulator.
Caution: Don't use the one that Mopar Performance sells. It's for racing only and never shuts off.

Posted on 66-67charger.com  on 06/16/06:

Topher:  Autozone (carries the regulator, made by) Wells (with the part )# VR706.

Sailpanel: The Standard part number is VR125.

Bob (ODZKing):

The VR706 is Wells and available at Auto Zone but as mentioned is the little silver one (sorry I don't have a picture).  That is NOT the one I am looking for.

VR706 at Napa crosses to Echlin ECH32.  ECH32 is NOT and electronic voltage regulator.  I thought it was weird that it would cross backward, but it did.

MPE VR32SB is the Standard number but they didn't have one to look at.

The VR125 = MPE VR38 SB is the new flat style for '72 and up but will work (apparently) if your car has been converted to electronic ignition, also NOT what I want.

The only place I have found so far that has the one I am looking for is at FBO systems.  Link is:

ER100 $28.00

ER100 front

ER100 back