66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Electrical Q & A



Harry:   I have a 67 charger and when I apply the brakes at an idle my charging system drops from 13.7 volts down to around 11 volts. The charging system works fine, has a 75 amp alternator with the newer style electronic voltage regulator, I can turn on my headlights, stereo, and electric pump all at the same time and my voltage barely drops at all, so it seems the alternator is charging well at idle speed.
I'm assuming there has to be somekind of short in the brake light circuit but don't see where or how??? The car does have a new rear electrical harness from year one and all connections appear to be installed correctly.  Has anyone ever had such a problem with there 1 st gen. Charger ???
It's especially bothersome while driving at night causing the headlights and dashlights to dim really bad at a stop. 



David Walker:   Have you considered the bulbs you use?  The proper bulb is a 1034. Most of us use 1157 because they're easier to find and shine a little brighter

Terry Hoover:   The 1157 should work and NOT give the problems you are having.  I’m getting more suspicious of your turn signal switch.

Gordon Albrecht:  Run a 10 gauge wire from the alternator to the battery connect on the starter (in effect to the battery). Got the tip from John P.