66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide



S.C. Adkins: I have been told that the open rear ends gets power to both wheels. If this is true what would be the advantages of having a sure grip differential?


Charger George: The open diff. does transmit power equally to both wheels, but only under ideal conditions. The torque reaction of the rear end housing tends to lift the right rear wheel under hard acceleration. This is why open diff. cars usually will spin the right rear wheel very easily going forward and the left rear wheel in reverse. Also, you have to take into account the fact that both rear wheels do not always rest on the same surface during initial acceleration. If one wheel is on wet leaves or snow it will spin hopelessly with an open diff., while a Sure-Grip T.M. diff. senses the low torque condition and transmits power to the wheel with the best traction. Sure-Grip T.M., Positive Traction T.M., Traction-Lok T.M. and etc. differentials cost more for a reason, because they ARE better, hands down than open diff's.