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Vlad -How do I get the dashboard out?


John - You need to remove the front windhsield to get to the top bolts, then two (one per side) that are studs into the A-pillar from under the dash.
Posted by Don Dodson

For those looking for a dash pad for our first generation Chargers. No one makes a 6 inch dash pad for the first generation Chargers. I know these cars are B body but the dash pads at Paddox and Year One are 4 inch pads and they will fit but they just don't look good. My suggestion is to send your existing dash pad to JUST DASHES and let them restore the existing pad for you. They are experts in restoring these pads and they are restored so that shrinkage won't occur and cracks are a thing of the past with their pads.
Get details on their work at JUST DASHES 1-800-247-3276.

Gauge Cluster

The company that we had a deal with at one time to restore our dash gauge faces and the glove box door. C.V. Vacuum Platers did excellent work on the dash plastic re-chroming and he also cleaned up the clear plastic faces.

C.V. Vacuum Platers can be contacted at 1-877-763-2323.

Submitted by: Topher on 01/29/04

A resource for dash bezels, panels and dials is Mr.G's.
They can be contacted at 1-817-831-3501.
Unfortunately they have terrible customer service - good luck.

Click here for a sample of their catalog.


Submitted by Bryan on 01/14/07

Dash light face & needle repair, gauge face repair & polish..



Another vendor is member here from Canada.
Contact is Jeff:
email:[email protected]