66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Submitted by: D. Walker on 01/07/05

Removal of Console Cover

To remove the console the armrest and the shifter knob must come off first. The shifter knob is held in place by an Allen set screw. Once the screw is removed the entire shifter knob can be unscrewed from the shaft.

Watch out for the spring holding the shift knob button in place.

Look for 4 screws under the raised padded arm rest.  Once the pad and it's support hardware is removed, 2 screws used to secure the console cover to the floor are obvious. Remove these screws and slide the console cover slightly towards the back of the car. It is held in place with a lip at the front which slides under a bracket bolted to the floor.  The console itself stays in place normally when working on wiring etc. 

The entire console can be removed if necessary but involves additional screws attaching the front part of the console to the rear portion.

Watch for the wire attaching the EL shifter light to the wiring harness.  Unplug this wire before extracting the console from the car.  If you have a clock mounted to the console you will have to look for wires here too before you completely remove the console.  In these two cases simply lift the console cover high enough to view the connectors and disconnect the wires.

Posted by Richard DeLaurentis on 06/02/03

Here is a picture of Stuart's new aluminum pieces I installed in my car today. He has done a fabulous job reproducing these pieces.  (Note: We are currently searching for a source for these repops as Stuart passed away in 2005)

Submitted by: S. Frazier on 06/02/03
I have a person that would reproduce A Plastic side cover with the correct console light cut out. "THE SCREW HOLES THAT HOLD THE SIDE COVER TO THE CONSOLE WOULD NEED TO BE DRILLED BY YOU THIS WILL SAVE MONEY ON THE MAKING OF THE MOLD. The console light and shape would be exact. I am wondering how many of you would be interested and is anyone currently reproducing the part. Each console cover would cost $50.00