66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Connectors and Terminals

Posted by Jon (pursuitspecial)  on 02/18/11

I found the original style terminals that go at many of the connectors on the car such as the turn signal switch and the headlight harness connector. The terminal is called a "Twin Lock" terminal. It has no gender, since it mates with itself.

Twinlock terminals have 2 locking tangs that must be depressed before you can pull the terminal out of the connector. Another tool that has been recommended to use to push down the tangs is a small jewellers flathead screwdriver that is about .050" or smaller. Once the tangs are pressed down, the terminal should come out freely. You must also lift the tangs back up before you plug the terminal into the new bulkhead, so that they look like the picture in the post.

The best price I have found in bulk is at Mouser:

This site may have the same thing for a better price if you only need 10. Part 1122H: www.wiringproducts.com

The original part numbers for the terminals are:
02973915 18-20 Gage
02973916 14-16 Gage (not available)
 02973917 12 Gage (not available)

For crimping purposes you can go out and buy the correct $100 tool, but a simple pair of pliers and some solder works just as well.

Posted by indydoc on 07/31/09

I have available the original NOS Terminals for the Trun Signal Switches. They are 1.28 each and require 7 to do the switch. I also have available the Black Male Connectors and the Clear Female Connectors. They are 12.30 each. These Connectors and Terminals are the same connectors and Terminals that are used to join the Headlamp Wiring Harness to the Engine Harness by the battery.

Interested buyers may contact me at my email:   [email protected]