66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Posted by David Walker

I have had mixed success with Auto Custom Carpets (ACC). They have great customer service and an average product. The new material carpet, although it is cut to fit our cars, fades rapidly with daily use. They gladly replaced my faded set after one year in the sun but suggested that this would be their final attempt to solve my problem with fading.

All Year One carpet is made by ACC.

Posted by Jeff Brookings on 10/03/03

I bought my complete carpet set from Legendary and it came in a ACC box. It was about $60 cheaper than ACC.

Posted by Don Dodson

TRI-PLEX CANOPY 1501 is a water-based fluorochemical chemistry, which is designed to be used as a topical post application treatment to carpets and fabrics that can be cleaned with water. This product imparts oil and water repellency as well as anti-stain and UV protection. This product can be used on all types of carpet and water-safe textiles.

This information is obtained from this site: Buy Internet Direct

Internet Source for Moulded Charger Carpets


Many other re-sellers have carpets available.

'66 Carpet Layout Diagram

Posted by Greg Rose on 02/18/06 - edited by Jon on 2/14/11

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