66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Setting a Carb

submitted by: Allen on 04/29/06

Usually, I start by running both idle mixture screws in till they seat, then out 1 1/2 turns. start the car and adjust the idle speed till she is idling smooth, shouldn't be too high.....

I then start the long process of....

1. Turn in 1 mixture screw till the engine stumbles, then turn it back out again untill you acheave the higest idle. Repeat for the other mixture screw. You may need to repeat this several times.

2. Readjust the idle down to the book RPM and do the mixture screws again, keep repeting the mixture screws till you are happy with the setting.

3. The idle screw is touchy, Big Blue's screw will make her jump 500 rpm with less than 1/64th of a turn.it's a fine line on her carb.

It may not be the best method, but it's about as good as using a match book to set the point gap. It'll get you close enough to keep it running.

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Carter 2 barrel Overhaul by Stormin on 12/10/10

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Opinion submitted by : Chris Herndon on 07/18/04.

At the risk of starting up the whole Holley/Carter thing let me tell you what I've got. I have run just about everything over the years from 2x600cfm Carters to a 900cfm Dominator. I currently have two 440's, one stock in my Coronet and one that has been bored 30 over, larger cam, etc. in my Charger. I had used an 800 Holley double pumper forever in the Charger and a Carter 625 in the Coronet.

Then one day I decided to try the Edelbrock "Carter-like" carb, so I bought one for the Coronet. It was the 750cfm with electric choke (Model 1411). Right out of the box, it just worked perfectly. The car had the best vacuum at idle I had ever had, better throttle response and had plenty when I would get into. I put one on my Charger about a month later. Same thing! I haven't touch them since.

I really don't think you will really see the difference that 50cfm will make, and if you don't want to tinker with a Holley almost every time you drive it, stick with the Edelbrock.

Opinion submitted by : Ken Scobel on 04.24/04.

Try this site for carb kits. Allstate Carburetors

I bought an AFB kit from them through Ebay for my car. Nice kit, includes everything you need. Right price too. I'm sure they handle AVS kits as well. The Ebay seller name is carbdoc.

Q & A

1. I want to use the original vacuum choke but I don't know how to use it because of the different lengths between the original choke and the new carb. Any one have any ideas??