66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Cam Shaft

Posted by Don Dodson

Thought I would pass along the recommendation I got from Mr. Mopar himself when I asked what kind of cam would give my 383 4BBL the attention to sit up and respond when I did the "pedal to the metal thing" and that I didn't want it acting like a Chevy engine where it loped itself to death. Mr. Mopar is Herb McCandless. He called Comp Cam at 1-800-999-0853 and ordered my cam for me. He ordered part number 21-221-4 with grind number XE256H-10 and the serial is 1B1852 Since I didn't order the cam or install it myself maybe a call to Comp Cam would be in order to make sure you get the correct valve springs and question them on the timing specs. You can't tell it has a performance cam by the sound of the engine, but the gas guage reacts accordingly to suggest that something is there, so it will pass for an original motor and un-modified at car shows.

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