66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

"C" Chrome Q & A


Todd: What exactly holds the c-chromes on, and what does it take to remove them?


R Heath: You have to remove the front splash shield inside the front fender well. There are 3 8/32" nuts way back in there that need to come off, 2 on top & 1 on side. Then there is 1 self tapping screw underneath by parking light outside. This IS the way it came from factory. One of mine had screws in it & the heads on the screws were smaller than the nuts on the other one. As it is kinda hard to see in there it can mess you up.


Ken G: ... here's how ya do it. Jack up the car, use jack stands, remove front wheel, look forward behind headlite area and you will see a splash shield . The bolt heads are usually covered with undercoating, so you will have to chip or scrape to find the bolts. Once you remove the shield , you can use a flashlight and with a little luck you can see the nuts that are threaded to the studs from the 'C' Chrome. Also, if I recall the nut size is a strange one, something like 11/32 or so. If you use a 1/4" ratchet set with an entension you should be in business. REMEMBER TO USE A RUST SOLVENT BEFORE YOU LOOSEN THE NUTS ON THE 'C'CHROME....DONT BREAK THE STUDS OFF!!!.....Good luck!!!!