66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Posted by Andy Markiewicz on 05/20/03

Here's the cure for old, faded Charger gauges. First step is to pull the instruments and take the cluster apart. I usually pull out each gauge as I work on it too. A digital camera comes in real handy for reassembly help. Take pictures of how washers and wires go beforehand if you don't want to try to memorize how it went together.

I use moderate red rubbing compound on the gauge faces and then coat them with Vinylex (from Lexol) after polishing. I've restored some that are almost completely white this way. The black is really thick on the face and you wont rub through unless you go crazy. Be gentle. Wipe the area you're polishing clean periodically to check progress. Use a Q tip when you're working near the pointer, there's a very fine wire there that you don't want to even touch. Be very careful here. Tip the instrument up vertical while you're working to keep old compound from falling into the gauge. You can gently move the needle over to polish under it. Be careful of the wire! There is a small hairlike wire at the base of each needle that makes them glow with the electroluminescent sytem.

These needles can also be repainted if they are dull. Use a Q-tip with some Brakleen on it to strip the old paint. (careful to not drip on the face). Soak another Q-tip with some flourescent orange paint to the point of almost dripping and coat the needle. Don't get it too thick or the needle won't glow. If so, just strip and do-over.

When done with the needle and the compound, patch any chips in the black with a Sharpie and top off with the Vinylex. Put it on thick and let it soak for a day before wiping it down. If you wipe it down too soon, it'll soak in and look dull a week later.

Did I mention that I have stock in the Q-tip company? LOL
Good Luck,

Posted by Gordon on 06/06/03

JC Auto is the place to go for restoring gauges. They do great work at a reasonable price. They did my gauge cluster, redid one gauge months later for free, helped me with wiring, and rebuilt my EL radio. Turn around time may be long. (425) 672-8324. Talk to Jeff Carter.