66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Posted by Dan Patterson on 04/02/04

I don't know the long term effects as of yet but I have been using this lead additive for a bit over a year now and I was putting right about 130 miles a day on my Charger (383/4V) and had no ill effects on the motor or plugs, (Looking for lots of wood to knock on now). It is called CD2 Super Concentrated Lead Substitute. It is sold at Wal-Mart out here and comes in a 32oz squeeze jug. You add 1oz to every 10 gallons of fuel. Like I said no weird effects so far. As for octane boost I have always liked Octane Boost 104. Again, I am by no means an expert on what long term effects these additives could have and such. Just know they worked for me. As for the pinging, timing, timing and more timing.. keep playing with it until it works for you. Forget what the book tells you other than for a starting spot. Remember these cars were built before this 89 octane junk they call gasoline was thought of... LOL!!