66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

361 2bbl Engine

Yes its a big block but it doesn't get the same respect as the other engines available. Even Car Craft magazine said the 361 Dodge was a boat anchor. The 361 was first brought out in 1958. This engine is rated for 265 horsepower with 9:1 compression and has a 4.12" bore with a 3.38 stroke and is referred to as a low block. The 361, 383, and 400 are referred to as B blocks while the 413, 426 Wedge (not Hemi), 440 are RB blocks. The 361 is a good engine but most owners wish we had at least the 383. The 361 offered in the 66 Charger only had the 2bbl. Being so close to a 383, the 361 shares the same parts as the 383 so there are ways to make it fast. Submitted by: Donnie Ripley